Our philosophy is founded on respect for the child.

We believe:

• all children have in them the potential to be remarkable

• in fostering creativity and promoting self esteem

• children learn to want to learn when they are invited to explore, experiment and be adventurous

• children learn best when engaged in play which is child-directed and adult supported

• it is important to encourage autonomy and independence

We value every child’s individuality and respect their right to free choice. We encourage autonomy and independence and celebrate the special magic that each child brings to the group.

Our programs are play-based, drawing on the interests and developmental level of each child. The children are allowed the time and space to explore their world in their own way. As teachers we facilitate this by preparing a fertile and safe environment and providing tools, materials and challenges.

Our approach to “behaviour management” is proactive. We begin the year by providing an environment which is both stimulating and nurturing, while we develop a rapport with each individual child. We also establish a routine which is consistent and predictable. We use language which is sensitive and respectful of the children and include the children in the setting of limits, which are reasonable and have logical consequences.

We are very fortunate at Thornbury Kindergarten to have a fabulous staff team. Between us we have many years of experience in a variety of Early Childhood settings and we are committed to encouraging further professional learning.

We operate in a community from diverse cultural backgrounds, and we encourage children to be curious about, and respectful of, other cultures, as well as celebrating their own culture.

Recognizing the importance of family, our kindergarten actively encourages parental involvement in the planning and running of the program.